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Insurance options:

If you are uninsured you may have options to obtain insurance coverage.

EMPLOYED? If you or your spouse is employed, you may be eligible for an employer group health plan.  Contact your employer for more information.

ACA MARKETPLACE: The Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Marketplace helps people without health insurance find affordable coverage.

MEDICAID: Medicaid pays for medical care for people with little saving and low income.

Medicare: Medicare pays for Americans and legal residents that have paid into the tax system to have dialysis and renal transplants.

What resources are available to help me understand and participate in my health care and kidney disease?

Many government and private organizations are available to help with understanding and coping with kidney disease.

The National Kidney Foundation is “dedicated to the awareness, prevention, and treatment of kidney disease”

The ESRD National Coordinating Center has been established to promote family centered care, improve health of dialysis patients, and reduce cost of end stage renal disease by improving care.

Davita is a company that provides dialysis treatment options to millions of people throughout the world.

Home Dialysis Central is dedicated to providing education about home dialysis options.