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Renal Replacement Therapy Management

Outpatient services include the management of dialysis treatments and the accompanying complications of renal failure. Dialysis treatments are provided in multiple cities throughout the Southeast area. In addition to managing the treatment of in-center dialysis patients, the physicians and nurse practitioners of Dothan Hypertension Nephrology also manage the training and treatments of patients that want the convenience of home dialysis.

Appropriate and timely referral to transplant centers are completed both prior to and after starting dialysis. Post transplant, the physicians at Dothan Hypertension Nephrology manage labs, medications, and complications of transplant. They work closely with transplant centers across the US to help patients continue to maintain a healthy transplanted kidney.

Whether you suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes, or maybe you need peritoneal dialysis, our staff is committed to improving the quality of healthcare and treatments for people with kidney disease and hypertension.  Have questions or need assistance? Call 334-793-3319 and let us help you.